Datasets with millions
of public LinkedIn profiles,
delivered effortlessly

Instantly purchase fresh publicly-available people, jobs, and companies datasets, with smart filtering for discovery

Datasets linkedin
Tailored to specific business

LinkedIn datasets tailored to specific business needs with smart filtering

  • Need a tailored solution to a specific business problem? Give us your parameters and we’ll use our smart filtering capabilities to get you the exact publicly available LinkedIn dataset you need
  • Search both people and company data via multiple parameters at once, like type of industry, size, job titles, roles, location, education & skills

LinkedIn datasets for better lead generation & enriched CRM

  • Integrate your CRM & fuel your real-time lead generation pipeline with high-quality profile and company records
  • Track movements between companies for emerging business opportunities & new leads
  • Slash your prospecting time & sales discovery process
  • Combine firmographic & profile data to track company growth and history to screen potential investment candidates
  • Enrich already existing lead data with fresh data points
Lead generation & enriched CRM
Locate & keep 
track of top talent

LinkedIn datasets to locate & keep track of top talent

  • Leverage public data for comprehensive insight on the skills, education, and experience of millions of qualified professionals
  • Boost recruitment, track talent movement, & update candidate databases with real-time LinkedIn profile data
  • Trace & forecast career pathways with millions of data points to fuel machine-learning & AI recruitment tools
  • Headhunt candidates by predicting their likelihood to change jobs

What insights can LinkedIn Datasets provide?

Monitor the evolution
of companies & careers

Find people &
companies using a
variety of parameters

Identify lucrative

Create data subsets
that cover specific
regions or industries

Enhance machine
learning algorithms

Map workforce &
industry trends

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