George Koutsoudopoulos

CEO de tgndata

tgndata  delivers price intelligence and services to large retailers that work across multiple locations and want to have a robust market view while also having a price optimization strategy that dynamically affects their assortment of products.

Our average customer sells from 100,000 to 200,000 SKUs, which are very difficult to monitor in multiple locations, in multiple markets. Stock keeping units (SKUs) are used to track sales volumes across all online marketplaces, whether they are direct sales or sales made by third party sellers.

Thus, they need our robust web data in quantity, quality and update ratio to have a better view of the market in any time they need. 

The retail and the e- commerce industry is a very competitive industry. Now, more than ever before, it’s very important to have fast, updated and reliable web data. That’s why Bright Data is a long-time partner of ours. We are able to use the infrastructure and leverage their knowledge and technology to help us get the accurate web data in the most efficient way. 

Having data is not enough. Having the best quality and quantity of data is the most important thing, and that’s where the combination of Bright Data and tgndata works. 

Currently, most enterprise retailers do a mix of offline and online pricing, which means that they also use traditional methods of mystery shopping, where people go out into the stores and capture prices with either electronic machines or even writing them down. Now these insights can be delivered via e-commerce, via web data. So, there is a huge space for that, to grow both from the infrastructure side of Bright Data as also to the price intelligence side of tgndata.

More testimonials

David Amézquita
Product Manager at Container xChange
xChange logo
Con el enfoque de nuestros productos centrado en la cadena de suministro, necesitamos todos los datos web públicos confiables que podamos obtener, con el propósito de ofrecer conocimientos valiosos, en tiempo real, a nuestros clientes.
Sarah Melville
Data Science Specialist
Sin la posibilidad de recopilar datos web públicos de internet, somos incapaces de saber cuándo una marca estuvo presente en todos los medios o cual fue su alcance; no habría manera de seguir creciendo a la velocidad con la que lo hacemos sin el apoyo de Bright Data.
Danny Issroff
Product Lead at CRED Investments
Bright Data is an indispensable part of our data universe - with the breadth and freshness of the web data, the different relevant datasets available, and the reasonable price.

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