Data for AI and LLM

AI models are only as good as the data they are trained on. Access reliable data for AI development, natural language processing, predictive analysis, and more.

  • High-volume structured data
  • Diverse global data sources
  • Leaders in data compliance
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Popular Data Packages for AI & LLMs

Get a stable stream of diverse and fresh data from any website on demand

Consumer Data

U.S. household profiles from +80 sources, featuring behaviors, demographic specifics, and lifestyle indicators.

  • Data Enrichment
  • Personalized Marketing
  • Predictive Analytics

Business Data

Company and employee data from sources like LinkedIn, G2, CrunchBase, with job titles, skills, reviews, and more.

  • Talent Insights
  • Risk Assessment
  • Competitive Benchmarking

eCommerce Data

eCommerce and retail data from sites like Walmart, Amazon, and Shoppe with SKUs, categories, prices, and more.

  • Trend Forecasting
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Inventory Optimization

Designed for a stable data flow

Let Bright Data handle large data volumes without investing in infrastructure; Simply sit back and let the data flow to your storage.


Combating bias, ensuring objectivity

By tapping into diverse and representative data sources, we help ensure your AI and ML models are trained in an environment that prioritizes fairness.


Trustworthy data collection

Our privacy practices comply with data protection laws, including the EU data protection regulatory framework, GDPR, and CCPA.

Bright Data served over 5.5 trillion data requests in a single year.
Almost twice the number of search engine queries.

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How public web data is used in generative AI and LLMs

Predictive analysis

Organizations use Bright Data’s comprehensive datasets to analyze past trends, behaviors, and patterns to predict future events or outcomes. Leveraging up-to-date and granular data, companies refine their forecasting accuracy and strategically position themselves ahead of market shifts.

HR and recruitment

With AI-driven platforms, resumes are analyzed, job requirements are matched to candidate profiles, and interview rounds can be automated. LLMs can assist in creating job descriptions, answering candidate inquiries, and even in employee onboarding by providing training materials and answering routine questions.

Natural language processing

Companies use public web data to supercharge their natural language processing (NLP) ventures. Diverse data ensures a richer understanding of linguistic patterns and a more nuanced comprehension of user sentiment, leading to enhanced user experiences and smarter chatbot developments.

One Platform. Endless Data

Build an entire scraping project with us, or select a solution that fits your in-house setup.

Proxy Networks

Integrate proxies using in-house tools or save time & resources with Bright Data’s automated web unlocking.

  • 72M+ Global IPs
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Zip Code Targeting

Scraping Solutions

Easily scrape data, automate browsers, bypass blocks, and parse search engine results quickly and efficiently.

  • Web Scraper IDE
  • Scraping browser
  • Unlocker / SERP API

Managed Data Collection

Browse available datasets for immediate download or get the most updated web data scraped in real time.

  • Dataset Marketplace
  • Fresh Data Feed
  • Dataset API

Insights & Analytics

Track eCommerce websites at the SKU level on a daily basis, optimize pricing, promotions, and keep a competitive edge.

  • Filtering & Daily Alerts
  • Shelf Optimization
  • Accurate Product Data

20,000+ Customers Choose Bright Data

Comprehensive, high-quality, ethical data solutions with global coverage

100% Compliant

All data collected and provided to customers are ethically obtained and compliant with all applicable laws.

24/7 Global Support

A dedicated team of customer service professionals can assist you anytime.

Complete Data Coverage

Our customers can access over 72 million IP addresses worldwide to collect data from any website.

Unmatched Data Quality

With our advanced technology and quality assurance processes, we ensure accurate, high-quality data.

Powerful Infrastructure

Our proxy-unblocking infrastructure makes it easy to collect mass-scale data without getting blocked.

Custom Solutions

We provide tailored solutions to meet each customer's unique needs and goals.

Enrich LLMs and AI solutions with quality web data