Somos Bright Data.
Éramos Luminati

Hemos pasado de ser una infraestructura proxy a convertirnos en la plataforma de datos web #1 del mundo.

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Luminati rebranding

Nuestra historia de cambio de marca

En 2014, fundamos Luminati Networks, la principal plataforma de infraestructura proxy para empresas. Nuestro antiguo nombre, “Luminati”, reflejaba nuestra misión de conceder a todas las organizaciones igualdad de acceso a Internet a través de proxies, para “iluminar” lo que se les ocultaba en Internet.


Nuestros valores

Libertad en Internet

Our company was created with a simple vision: that everyone has a right to access the web’s public data and to see the internet as it truly is, without being misled or denied access to public information. We create products that help companies big and small, as well as non-commercial organizations, access and collect the web’s public data.


free markets

Free Markets

We believe that providing access to public web data is essential to preserving a free market. Free markets require a level playing field. In today’s digital economy, a level playing field means reliable access to the digital sphere of high quality data. We believe that access to web data drives the best that free markets offer: disruptive innovation that allows businesses to win markets, making entire industries more efficient, and expanding wealth for everyone.


Disruptive Innovation

We believe in disrupting the old ways of doing things, and rethinking established truths. We’ve rapidly innovated, with over 760+ granted patent claims in six years, maintaining our leadership in a dynamic industry. Our rapidly adaptive technologies allow businesses to maintain a leading position, using data to disrupt business-as-usual in their own industries.


Web Data for Good

We believe in using public web data to drive positive change. We created the Bright Initiative to provide public bodies, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions around the world with data and expertise to tackle the most pressing global issues of our time. To date, the Initiative includes over 140 organizations and universities, such as Princeton University, Oxford University, Virginia Tech, and many more.


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