The first line of
defense against cybersecurity threats

Fight fraud, mitigate risk, and achieve real-time visibility over the public domain with the world’s #1 proxy and web data platform

Monitor viruses, malware, & map internet-exposed attacks

  • Perform real-time phishing link testing using geo-tailored IPs that detonate malware in a sandbox
  • Identify possible malware, test incident response capabilities, and detect real-time intrusions
  • Research threat actors by routing requests through a fully-compliant and trusted web data platform to safeguard your infrastructure
  • Detect IPs with a high probability of being fraudulent & scan ports open for specific IPs (either manually or through website DNS)

Protect digital assets & conduct penetration testing

  • Target malicious actors in real-time by collecting WHOIS data to create a data pool and risk map
  • Use different IP networks to launch simulated DDoS attacks and feed data into a SOAR system via API
  • Test for malicious and phishing sites that aim to obtain usernames, passwords, and credit card information
  • Leverage a massive pool of IPs to secure treatment of untrusted input and impose privilege limitations for applications

Fight fraud, generate better threat intelligence & mitigate risks

  • Collect data from hacker forums, blogs, social, app forums, etc. regarding potential threats pricing models
  • Prepare for future attacks by collecting relevant hashtags, news, blogs, and social media posts to deduce actionable insights
  • Collect data at scale to ensure customer personal data is not being stored after privacy breaches and data leaks
  • Collect phrases and keywords that might indicate danger during the preparation process for an event

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El más confiable

La más alta calidad de los datos, bel mejor tiempo activo de la red, la respuesta más rápida

El más flexible

Escala ilimitada y posibilidades de personalización

Totalmente adaptable

Infraestructura transparente y accesible para las empresas

El más eficiente

Necesita el mínimo de recursos internos

La mejor experiencia de consumidor en la industria

  • Todos los días presentamos nuevas funciones. Ustedes solicitan, nosotros desarrollamos
  • 24/7 Soporte a nivel global
  • Panel de control −en tiempo real− del desempeño en redes. Transparencia total
  • Gerentes de cuenta dedicados
  • Soluciones a la medida para alcanzar sus metas de recopilación de datos

Test your network’s vulnerabilities with the battle-tested web data platform