Dirvan Vargas

IT manager at Consisanet Sistemas de Informação LTDA

Consisa Sistemas provides an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with a set of tools that help companies in the management, control, and automation of accounting, human resources, tax and property-related processes. This includes issuing tax certificates, as well as monitoring expiration dates to declare a company’s regulatory situation to the regulatory body.

We mostly serve offices and companies that operate in the accounting and tax environment. Their biggest challenge is to automate controllership tasks and management of the accounting tax information of the companies they provide service to. Our customers constantly seek optimization of recurring tasks and functionalities that can help control tax and accounting obligations, which take up a good part of their monthly working time.

To be able to provide our service, we access the publicly available tax systems to monitor for any updates on the tax situation of companies. That way our customers have the full picture when providing service to these companies. Up until we started using Bright Data’s infrastructure;   residential and data center proxy network  to automate this process, it was all done manually. Now, accountants can get this critical information automatically the moment it is updated.

We started using Bright Data’s products to provide our customers with the automation of tasks through consultations carried out in publicly available portals at the federal, state, and municipal levels. We found in these services a reliable and easy-to-configure network. 

Using Bright Data, we found the service to be very practical, and their solutions are extremely helpful. It is very easy to configure a proxy network to operate from another country, for example. Moreover, the Bright Data account managers are always available and this really is a game changer.

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