Dedicated Solutions for Protecting the World Wide Web

Championing Transparency and Dedicated Solutions

We're committed to safeguarding the World Wide Web. Our mission revolves around providing dedicated solutions that ensure transparency in web data collection. With industry-leading practices, we protect the web's integrity while empowering responsible data handling for a secure and trustworthy online environment.

Brightbot - The Guardian of Ethical Data Collection

BrightBot is the name of Bright Data’s crawler layer, which monitors the health of every domain it targets and enforces ethical usage. This crawler is the technology that prevents access to non-public information and blocks interactive endpoints that could be abused, like ad clicks, reviews, likes, account management, etc. After you join the Bright Data Webmaster Console and submit requests to a collectors.txt file, Bright Bot will enforce the ethical data collection from your website as was approved by Bright Data.

Webmaster Console

The Bright Data Webmaster Console serves as a tool specifically tailored for website owners. It aids them in overseeing data collection activities on their websites. Through this console, website owners can set up a collectors.txt file to convey important details to Bright Data, such as where personal data and interactive endpoints are located on their sites. Additionally, the console offers a straightforward control panel and provides essential Round-trip time (RTT) statistics, which are vital for monitoring the effectiveness of data collection on the website.

Using collectors.txt

A collectors.txt file is an essential instrument for website owners to control data collection on their websites. While robots.txt is tailored for search engine crawlers, collectors.txt caters to the unique needs of public web data collectors. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring the respectful handling of personal information in line with privacy regulations and in safeguarding websites from excessive data requests. Bright Data evaluates the directives within collectors.txt to ensure alignment with our acceptable use policy, emphasizing permitted endpoints like the collection of publicly available data and avoiding restricted actions, such as login attempts. By integrating collectors.txt, website owners can foster transparency and refine interactions with BrightBot, solidifying it as a cornerstone for ethical web data handling.

Health Monitor

Bright Data constantly checks how any web traffic sourced from our network may affect the usability of any website and by monitoring the site accessibility and latency we can set thresholds (rate limits) that will prevent such issues. This is done automatically throughout our network and is adjusted based on each site's specifications.

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