Bright Data's Commitment to SDK Security and Transparency

In today's digital age, ensuring the safety and security of software is paramount. Bright Data goes above and beyond to guarantee that our SDK stands up to the rigorous standards of the industry's leading security companies. Collaborating closely with reputable security organizations such as Google, Avast, Appesteem, CSA (Clean Software Alliance), and AMTSO (Anti-Malware Testing Software Organization), we actively seek their reviews and input to enhance our practices, improve, and set the standard for our industry. This engagement ensures that our SDK not only meets but often surpasses the highest benchmarks of security and reliability.

Such collaborations underline our unwavering commitment to transparency and trust. By actively engaging with these esteemed entities, we demonstrate our proactive approach to security concerns and showcase our readiness to adapt, evolve, and improve based on expert feedback.

For those seeking a deep dive into our compliance journey, we offer full access to our detailed response to the security & compliance guidelines published by each security company. This open-book approach is a testament to our confidence in the robustness and integrity of our SDK.

please refer to our Bright SDK Security/Compliance Tracking Sheet for all the details.

Security and Transparency