Responsible Web Monitoring:
Upholding Ethical Public Data Collection

Bright Data's Innovative Approach

We champion the balance between public data accessibility and ethical digital conduct. Entrusted by our clients and ever-conscious of our duty to the websites we engage with, we prioritize respect and compliance. 

Our sophisticated system is tailored to extract data responsibly, ensuring target websites remain unburdened. By staying attuned to web scraping regulations, we stand firm in our dedication to ethical data collection.

Key Components of Our Web Monitoring System:

Web monitoring at Bright Data encompasses three core aspects:

  • Global Site Health Monitoring
  • Usage Throttling
  • Adaptive Self-learning System

Introducing the Global Site Health Monitor 

Our internal system is designed to assess the health of target sites vigilantly. This ensures that our interactions don't burden these sites or exacerbate their performance if they're already experiencing strain unrelated to Bright Data's activities.



Our Approach to Monitoring Website Vitality

By dispatching sample requests and evaluating their Round-trip Time (RTT), we can ascertain a site's operational health. An elevated RTT indicates potential site overloading or deteriorating performance. Conversely, a return to standard RTT levels signifies restored site efficiency. Importantly, our evaluations span various global locations, allowing us to detect both location-specific and broad-reaching site health fluctuations.

Usage Throttling & The Evolutionary Learning System 

In instances where we identify diminished site health, our system swiftly moderates outgoing requests. This throttling intensifies until the site's health is normalized. Once stability is achieved, we cautiously augment outgoing requests, retracting if necessary. Through this iterative process, our system discerningly ascertains the optimal usage limits for each site across different geolocations.