A transparent view of Residential IP sourcing

Seek transparency with every step of your data collection. Review the entire process, from how the provider sources data to the applications that underpin the residential network.

How to source Residential IPs, the legitimate way:

Bright Data
Other proxy vendors
SDK is enabled only after the user opted-in
Device free resources monitoring
2-click opt-out
Benefit provided in return for opt-in
Partner’s TOS / EULA
Clear consent screen
No collection of end-user data
GDPR / CCPA compliant
Periodic sanity procedures

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Our selection criteria for Bright Data SDK partners

App/software already utilizes one of the major monetization SDKs, such as: Google Ads, UnityAds, Adclarity, Applovin, Start.io, etc..

Brand Protection

App/software already has a trusted user base that is happy with the product and its reputation

App/software can be easily and safely downloaded

App/software is not considered a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application) by major antivirus companies

App/software must have a clear native UI with a settings menu (for easy opt-out from the Bright Data peer network)

App/software offers a valuable benefit to 100% of users who decide to opt into the Bright Data peer network

Key Terms of Agreement for App/Software Developers:

App/software ensures only users who opt-in can become nodes, following explicit agreement to join the Bright Data Network via the Bright Data consent screen.

Incorporation of a clear statement regarding user participation in the developer's Terms of Service/Privacy Policy.

Full compliance with all relevant laws, including privacy regulations and adherence to industry standards and regulations related to data privacy.