Ensuring Ethical Use of Bright Data's Network

Access to our network is contingent upon strict compliance with our requirements. Our 'Know Your Customer' process guarantees that organizations utilizing our data services are in accordance with ethical and legal data practices.

Daily Web Protection Challenges: Screening and Filtering

The internet's constant growth brings millions of new domains and web pages each month. Bright Data's massive traffic capabilities are employed to diligently screen and filter this influx, making a significant contribution to safeguarding the broader internet. Our ongoing efforts promote a secure online environment and foster responsible data practices across the web

At Bright Data, we classify and categorize an extensive database of over 30 billion URLs and domains globally.  Our database includes domain, path, and page-level entries for most of the active web.

The core objective of our domain classification efforts is to ensure the safety and ethical use of our network. By classifying and monitoring domains rigorously, we create an environment where data collection and usage are conducted responsibly, adhering to the highest ethical standards.

Using AI and Human Review for Precise Classification

Our domain classification process is powered by a blend of artificial intelligence and human expertise. While AI provides efficiency and scale, our compliance team conducts in-depth reviews to maintain accuracy. This meticulous approach guarantees that the classifications align with our commitment to safety and ethical data practices.

Balancing Domain Permissions for Network Safety

Bright Data goes beyond mere classification; we make decisions regarding which domains are allowed and which are blocked to safeguard our network.
We  proactively block certain web content (i.e., Adult content, Trading crypto, Governmental websites, Harmful domains, etc.)
Harmful domains are filtered out to maintain network integrity, ensuring that our services remain secure and reliable for all users.

You can read our Acceptable Use Policy to learn more about the different unapproved uses of our network.